The explosion may have been caused by a gas leak.

A distant memory is all I have left of my grandparents.

It's no use trying to convince Shuvra.

Naresh is pretty happy about that.

Do me a favor and talk to them?


Morgan realized that he was wrong.

I have some doubts about his coming in this weather.

How many new sites were uncovered?

The guards searched Gale's cell.

I didn't want to scare them.

I did everything I could, but I had to give up.

How far is it from here to Boston?

Has Caleb already returned?

He is a professor of economics at Hyogo University.

During the war, they lived in the countryside.

Dan's store was within walking distance from Linda's home.

She blamed her failure on bad luck.

I don't always understand everything you write.


What's the point of showing up on time if everyone else shows up late?


I'll do whatever I can to help.


If that's what you want to do, do it.


That team has little, if any, chance of winning.

I got fired from my job this morning. But, when it rains it pours, and upon coming out of the office building I found that someone had stolen my car.

Pontus looks young for his age.

Everybody just stared at us.

It's one of the greatest books of all time.

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He's not accustomed to it.

Dan sent Linda a violin.

English is popular not because people think that it is a beautiful language, but because it is a language of a cultural superpower.

She was pleased with her new dress.

Winston has always been successful in everything she has done.

Vinod will never consent.

Does he have a big nose?

From time to time, she feels an urge to write poetry.

I pretended that I didn't know what was going on.

When was the last time you clicked on an Internet ad?

It's time to say goodbye.

Of course he was familiar with jazz.

It was dead awkward.


I'm still waiting for my order.

He knows Mr. Davidson well.

You've got a lot to learn.


A black car stopped next to the hospital.


I was with her all day.

We are asked to introduce ourselves in turn.

Try telling that to Clayton.

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Only Chernobyl comes to mind whenever I think about the Ukraine. Oh, and Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka, right?

Kathryn is studying in his room.

I guess asking Kent to help is out of the question.

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She came home just now.

Where did you buy that shirt?

The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.

I couldn't think of anything to say.

Stephe leaned over and pressed her head against Donovan's shoulder.


We're going shopping.

I'll give you anaesthesia.

You told Spike where to find me, didn't you?


The word is frequently used in this sense.

My nurse took me this morning into the streets.

I don't know anything about racing.

The soldiers laughed.

Why do they want to talk to me?

How many people are there in Europe?

You're in my house, so please follow my rules.

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Linley was very supportive.

All children are potential geniuses.

Everyone can't afford a car.


Let's put it to the test!

In severe cases, cracks can form or it can snap apart.

I don't know how to talk to kids.

I pretended to I support him.

It was my pleasure.

Caesar is not above grammarians.

Those are happy, who forget everything.


I pride myself on my humility.

The house needs a new coat of paint.

I need to ask you a silly question.


Roberta doesn't need to know why.

Give me that weapon.

He studies history at college.


Hubert left some food on his plate.


Bruno and I have nothing to hide.

Can I speak to the head nurse?

I don't have a box.

I'll help you out.

How much did we lose?

I'm really glad I got to meet you.

Shadow voted against you.

They're living in lala-land.

What color do you like?


She'll make a good wife.

He fell asleep with the window open.

I'm pretty sure that I can do that by myself.


I'm mad at myself.


How long will it take to get there?

You're better off not getting in his way!

Lonhyn misses you.

Do you go there often?

He was running for re-election.

When did you visit New York?

Let's just hope that doesn't happen.

I'm ready to order.

I should be making lunch.


What are you guys looking for anyway?


We've spent too much money.

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We have a big oak tree in our backyard.


Lars could see that Boyce wasn't happy.

Do you know how to speak English?

They are all away on holiday this week.

I saw at a glance that there was something the matter with my father.

You want another cup of tea? I've just made you one!


Morning worship begins at eleven o'clock.


Type inference has three outputs whereas checking only has two.

I exaggerated.

Darci doesn't really enjoy hanging out with Hurf.

All you have to do is to write your name and address here.

The arrow pierced his armor.

Will you please make a specific statement?

I was born in 1988 in York.

I was hoping Linda would ask that.

Jun takes a bath every evening after dinner.

You've changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.

It's no big thing.

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He is kind to those around him.

I wish I could help you with that.

I want to know more about you, Ira.

I had a cold three weeks ago.

There's something missing.

Sanity doesn't want to study French, but he has to.

I have no idea what we are doing in our math class.

Innsbruck, I must leave you.

Dan admitted to Linda that he had been having an affair.


And in several instances they relate the same event differently.


That student runs fast, doesn't he?


Whose is this textbook?

Kari's been going through a rough patch lately.

Jordan is expecting Marci to come.

I'm not going to do this anymore.

Countless stars were twinkling in the sky.

Edgar is an ignorant person. He understands absolutely nothing.

For some reason, I feel sleepy when I start studying.

He was a formidable opponent.

Roy often sings in her car.

No one wants to go there.

We know you're there.

He walked out the door and never came back.

We will never forget the day the typhoon ruined the crops.

I'm depending on you.

I've been invited there, too.

Can I get that in writing?

How long has Larry been working for you?

Leads is unfaithful.

I don't understand this novel's plot.

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We must stop this.

I pretended that I didn't know what was happening.

Cary doesn't seem to think so.

Stefan poured the tomato soup in his mug and drank it.

"You're ugly." "Your mom is ugly." "Your mom's face is ugly."


Let my things alone.

I didn't want to give you the wrong idea.

My ring is gone.

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Fewer teenagers are working nowadays.


Judge didn't stay with us.