Hirotoshi is better at speaking French than the rest of us.

Who can you trust?

We are accustomed to wearing shoes.

I've heard the French version of this song.

You should call.

Mr Tanaka, if anything, is an honest man.

Nigel became a well rounded young woman.

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.

This is my farm, and it isn't for sale.

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I was working that night.

I need to buy some medicine.

He wrote the article "Psychological Fitness for Colonists in Martian Habitats."

I know that you're strong, but political pressure will be stronger.

Do you agree with what he wrote in the book?

He made up his mind to become a pilot.

I see noblemen and noblewomen.

He explained it to me.

I have another sister.

Both Ellen and Elsa have long hair.

Dinner is on me tonight.

The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.

Vicki was surrounded.

He cheated her into believing it was true.

They were angered at his decision.

Why not let him help you?

Juha has a blog.

I think it's disgusting.

Tell me what he told you.


He is considered to be a highly qualified employee.

I don't know. You'll have to ask.

Your name was given to us by Mr. Hayashi of Keyo Steel Corporation.

She's a girl, but she's brave.

The flu and the common cold are very contagious.

I'll get in touch with you as soon as I return from America.

Juri sat down on the sand next to Barney.

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It just wasn't meant to be.

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Syun might have been sleeping at that time.

She doesn't know if she will join us.

Monday is a bank holiday.

By dint of pushing the words back to the beginning of the sentence, there only remained the two of them at the end: Izzy, Vice.

Man is the lord of all creation.

My worst trouble was getting away from home on the morning of starting. Mother and my sisters, of course, shed a few tears; but my father, stern and unbending in his manner, gave me his benediction in these words: "Thomas Moore, you're the third son to leave our roof, but your father's blessing goes with you. I left my own home beyond the sea before I was your age." And as they all stood at the gate, I climbed into my saddle and rode away, with a lump in my throat which left me speechless to reply.

Shyam gave him a big hug.

The child is dirty.

The small island came into sight.

Norm bought a dog.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors U.S. service members who fought in the Vietnam War.

Can you find her for me?

Hazel seldom writes to his parents.

When was this decided?

Are you going to give us what we asked for?

It was truly an abomination.

He has little patience.

We care.

Have you made up your mind about what you are going to give Toft for her birthday?

Don't keep me waiting.

I lost my job.

This book has been translated into more than fifty languages.

That thing never gets old.

Some wise man has said life consists of one disappointment after another.

I knew we could count on her.


The problem will be easier to solve if you write the system of equations as a matrix.

Vassos always walks to school if it isn't raining.

Suddenly rain began to fall.


I'm not going to talk about it.

I want you to be here when I get back.

I have a tomcat called Cookie.

The Spanish economy is falling apart.

I got sick of the constant noise of the street traffic.

I thought I recognized this place.

I thought you hated red wine.

Izumi and Maureen belong together.

I didn't realize you were so hungry.

Joseph started an advertising agency.

Now it's too late. The train has already left.

Jones accommodated his schedule to Lynne's.

What's happened has happened; there's no use in whining and complaining.

Stagger wrote his name on all his notebooks.

Barrio needed protection.

I will forgive him out of consideration for you.

Land prices are very high in Japan.

Take it to the men in Room 318.

The present will not always be the future.

Don't fall in love with me.

What is life like where you live?

I don't need this.

In America, there's a direct study of books.

I am not fat!

If you want to talk, talk.

Randy says he might dye his goatee red and green for Christmas.

Driving without a safety belt will cost you a fine of 60 euros.


Daniel is a very practical person.


I hope that you will be my friends.


Michelle isn't going to just ditch us.

If it's not from Scotland and it hasn't been aged at least twelve years, then it isn't whisky.

Claudio traveled around the world with Martin.

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That street was very noisy during the day.

That's when I injured my ankle.

Stay here till I return.


I don't want to talk about school.

The police suspected that Sunil was a drug dealer.

We could learn together.

The crew can enter the underwater vehicle using a plug-in module.

Kate forgot the anniversary of their first date.

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There are some children around the office.

Is there anyplace private we can talk?

It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

She is a very good teacher.

Nici won't believe it.

The Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps.

It happened that I was not in London at that time.

He actually thought that the human body extended into other dimensions that we can't perceive. What a funny man!

Some people think there's some kind of mystical relationship with people having the same first name.

That man is too boastful for my liking.

Why are they here?

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Sergeant can't get along with Andrew.

Just do as I tell you.

Very happy to see you.


She looked sad because I was angry.

It is nice of you to hold a door open for a lady.

During the day I went to Ikea to return the rug.


I can help you look for it.

I know your Christian name.

I found her letter in the mailbox.


This sentence already exists.

Astronomers think the Great Red Spot is a large hurricane-like storm in Jupiter's atmosphere.

What's for supper?

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Thad said he could smell something burning.

I found a rare stamp at that store.

You're not the only one Ning asked.

Compare your paper with the model one.

What a basket by Michael Jordan!

Lynnette had three aces.

Money doesn't just fall from the sky.

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Don't worry. Stephen will be fine.


I believed that he was a doctor.


Napoleon needed money for a war with Britain.

Do you want to see my cat?

What are you not telling me?

My mum is crazy.

I've been badly bitten by mosquitoes.

When's the last ferry?

We are sleepy.

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You might see Kari there.


Sabrina had nothing to say.


I don't like that woman.

She is the queen of tap dancing; there is no one who surpasses her rhythm and grace of movement.

It is worth quoting one famous section of his essay.


I never thought that he could be ill.


I wanted to find who was responsible.


We'll be done in a second.

We didn't say anything.

It is no laughing matter that he couldn't graduate from university this year.

Daniel didn't kill himself.

I won't be doing this anymore.

German punctuation is pedantic, English punctuation is chaotic, and for Esperanto Dr. Zamenhof suggested we look towards our mother tongue as a guideline. Go figure!

Izchak doesn't have any plans for tomorrow.

This shop is open from 9 to 6 o'clock.

"So, do you like Louise?" "What's not to like? She's an amazing woman."

Why didn't you help Nicholas escape?

They could've done better.

I like to study French.

Whom are you speaking of?

Michelle seems happy and excited.

We need to save up money to buy a new car.

Ram took out his driver's license and handed it to the police officer.

I was aggressive.

Billie was put in prison.

Do you think it'll be possible for you come over and help us this weekend?

I stepped up to the shelves so that I could get an overview of the books in my host's library.

I like Avery.

What can make you to change your mind?

He stayed at his aunt's house.