My aunt goes to Germany every year.

Malaclypse was lanky and a bit uncoordinated as a child, but he was fairly good at basketball.

We have no one to blame but ourselves.

The discovery of electricity changed our history.


Wendy says you should always tell the truth.

It backfired on me despite my good intentions.

He turned up 30 minutes late.

"No," replied Leon decisively.

There was a lot I didn't know about Timothy.

And now I'm trouble because of you!

She is a child-care worker in a kindergarten.


That makes no difference to me.


Let's go to the teahouse!


Something is quite wrong with this place.


Antony no longer lives with his parents.


How can I get to the stadium?


She has never been in love.


Brender is in handcuffs.

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From now on, let's keep in touch.

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He's run off ten pounds.

Don't look at Markus. Look at me.

Ixtli has a lovely face.


Joel is playing with his wooden toys.


The sea is raging.

Anita is a professional surfer.

To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

I've had enough of this mess.

Do you want to get something to eat?

Please find me my overcoat.

I hardly remember Philippe.

What can you tell me about Uri?

Can you force them to do that?


I had forgotten these photos.

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All of my friends go to public schools.

I choose to work.

Did you see him leave?

I'll give you a call in the morning.

Blayne reluctantly went to the dentist.

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Old hasn't been paying attention to the teacher.

I like canned fruits.

I've only been waiting for five minutes.

No language, no nation.

Don't forget to switch off the light in the hallway before you leave.


I will come to your country some day.

How are you going to get home?

My father is young.

This jacket fits pretty well.

You took it as offensive, even though that was not at all an intention and I meant that as something funny, but you didn't see it like that.

What an exciting experience!

How long do you intend to spend at the library?

The one who serves at the table is called a waiter.

How beautiful nature made you! To whom are you fated to belong?


I don't care.

You're ruining everything.

We have to get him to a doctor.

Cecilia tried to act normal, but you could tell from his facial expression and demeanour that he was seething with rage.

He died five years ago.


Vern, don't leave.


The soldiers were marching with their swords shining.

Thanks for being you.

He misled me.

I heard that boy traveled from Hokkaido to Kyushu on bicycle.

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

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I had an awful night.

When will the Japanese course start?

They must be removed.

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Kusum pushed the plug into the socket.

He passed the law examination and set up a law office.

What's wrong with me worrying about you?

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I'd like to strangle Bradley.


A time will come when you will regret your action.


Would you please stop upsetting Lance?

"What the fuck is this shit?" thought Guido.

We could've helped Travis.

Why do you stay here?

The two countries do not have diplomatic relations.


Everybody calls the small cat Tora.

Are we talking about the same Philippe?

Ray apologized for not having told Syed sooner.

Clara must be dreaming.

My father is a bit old-fashioned.

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Something's wrong with Sarah.

How about a match between the English and the others?

The only greatness for man is immortality.


Don't be so sentimental.

I'm here to help.

I left Shanghai last year and I've never been back.

Jordan's doctor advised him to cut down on his sugar intake.

Investigators foiled a plot to hijack an airplane.

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Rob didn't know what Rahul was doing.

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The picture is colorful in contrast with this one.

I caught her in the act.

Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.

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Hazel must've known Sanjeev wouldn't want to do that.

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I can do it alone.

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This will have far-reaching repercussions.


I was born in Italy, therefore I am very handsome.

I swear, I didn't do anything.

You're feeling better, aren't you?

Trust is risk, and risk avoidance is the name of the game in business.

Can you just shut up, please?

In the 90s, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Georgia abolished the death penalty.

Linda really likes chocolate.

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Where is your brother? I need to see him immediately!

Could you hold these bags until four this afternoon?

I want you to follow orders.


Germany is in the middle of Europe.

How quickly does the bird fly?

You'd better leave her alone.

I love to see him smile.

Raul wanted to know everything about Anton.

Cliff's doctor advised him to cut down on his sugar intake.

King hardly has any time left.


I hate being bored.

Latin is one of the few languages that requires a good knowledge of grammars.

Why is dad in the kitchen?

We were almost there.

Today isn't my lucky day!

Why don't we drive out to the country for a change of pace?

The night was so cold.

The airplane was going to carry them to Bauru.

One surefire way for money to provide happiness appears to be to spend it on other people.

I don't need them.

The patient is now out of danger.

Lupe grinds the piloncillo into a fine powder.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

This is boring.

Everyone strives for efficiency but few seem to attain it.

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Sylvan wrote an article for the school newspaper.


My opinion is different from yours.

The trees will soon be bare.

He started off a country bumpkin.

Dan was arrested and charged with Linda's murder.

I expected her to have come yesterday.

What are you shooting at?

Lanny causes me a lot of trouble.

There's no time for explanations.

Find the cat.

We decided this three weeks ago.

I felt something crawling on my back.

Make a student cram for the entrance examination.

You were always good at getting Marnix to do what you wanted him to.

Guillermo doesn't know how to pronounce my name properly.

Their trip in 1903 lasted 63 days.

I remember those days.

I'll marry you if you change the color of your hair.

Whoever comes to us armed with a sword, is easier to kill with a shot.

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

Where is the Indian embassy?

Thuan and I are just good friends.

Where can I find the milk?

The patient was lying in the bed with his eyes closed.

Henry and Scott have been trying to come up with a solution to the problem.

My German teacher comes from Bayern.

Who'll fight?

I'm disgusted by all this.

Have you played The Legend of Zelda?

Do you think Roxana wants to eat now?

Molly is very distinguished looking.

How did Barbara do on her driver's test yesterday?


We're not exactly sure what we should be doing.