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Artificial Intelligence

Our Machine Learning algorithms analyze every link shared with readers and lets them know if it’s real or fake news

Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel is continually refining and teaching our AI how to recognize misinformation

Community Input

When our AI isn’t quite up to snuff, we use input from the community to correct it!

The Trustie Vision

Trustie intends to put purveyors of misinformation out of business for good.
We are dedicated to helping readers recognize misinformation, whether it’s a hoax, false news story, junk science, or even just satire!  We won’t stop until until it’s no longer profitable to publish and spread misinformation.


Leverage our knowledge

Social Media

Let your readers know if something isn’t trustworthy – either when they are posting or re-posting a link, or when they see a link in their newsfeed.  

News Aggregators

User our API to validate the articles you include in your app.  Differentiate yourself from others with the ability to inform users when they may be viewing untrustworthy content!


Use our APIs to certify your content.  Defend yourself against accusations of fake news with an independent, respected third party verification.


Protect yourself from misinformation!  Be informed, and never mistakenly re-share something that isn’t trustworthy.  

Our Team

Cedar Milazzo


Jacob Bailly


Elizabeth Earle


David Nowicki


Rich Wyckoff


Alex Fedosseev


Jeff Capone


Latest News

Most people in the US want Internet companies to police their news.

In addition to wanting companies like Facebook and Twitter to ensure Misinformation such as Fake News doesn’t make it onto their platforms, most people (54%) think they should be showing[…]

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Fake News can be Fatal.

  /–and-can-be-fatal/2018/07/23/a2dd7112-8ebf-11e8-bcd5-9d911c784c38_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_campaign=84d8810608-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_07_24_01_25&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Pew%20Research%20Center&utm_term=.617cb5bffce0 This link from the Washington Post shows quite a few instances where Fake News has caused either fatalities or injuries, as well as highlighting some of the limitations[…]

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How can we combat Deepfake videos generated by AI?

Here’s a pretty frightening article. I really believe the only way to combat misinformation like this is to use AI to detect fake information. If it’s being generated by AI,[…]

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